SmarterTrack Crashing
Problem reported by Dan Hoffmann - 9/30/2019 at 5:40 AM
2-3 times per day we have started experiencing Smartertrack going down.  The login page shows "Oops!  There was an issue that caused the page to malfuction.  Administrators  This error has been logged and can be found in the View Logs page as well as in the file system."

However there's nothing in the View Logs except indication of the site starting/stopping.

  • SmarterTrack Enterprise
  • Build 7157 (Aug 6, 2019)

No new software has been configured, a few windows updates had been applied but didnt' exactly correspond with the time the issue started.

One thing I have noticed, in the upgrade instructions it indicates to make sure to "Change IIS Application Pool to run as .NET 4.5"
When I view the Application Pool settings in IIS for SmarterTrack application pool, the .NET CLR Version is ".NET CLR Version v4.0.30319"  But the only other option is for No Managed Code.  No 4.5 is available.  Perhaps it's referring to something else though?

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Hi Dan,

You're description of what you see in the Application Pool settings sounds correct.  Since you have current Maintenance and Support on your license, I suggest opening a support ticket so a support agent can take a look into why your SmarterTrack keeps going down.  You can login on our web site here, https://www.smartertools.com/account/#/support, to submit the support ticket.

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