What happened to the "New MAPI Thread"?
Question asked by Shaun Peet - 9/25/2019 at 8:20 AM
Didn't look like there was any major flaming going on but now that thread is just deleted with no explanation?

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Sébastien Riccio Replied
It seems it's gone censored, as well as the "Mapi Pricing" thread.

Very low move from ST
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Gary P Replied
MAPI - Big announcement or censorship? Fingers crossed for a grand reveal of MAPI.

Tim Uzzanti Replied
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As you had seen from years of posts in here, we have no issues with people sharing their opinions on pricing or our products. However, some threads devolved into criticizing the company, our employees, our work ethic and a variety of things people have no knowledge of, and therefore can't comment on. These types of threads can, and do, turn toxic, and we have to take action to prevent it from continuing.

Many of the complaints related to status of MAPI were from people who aren't even actively using MAPI but wanted to turn the threads toxic because that is what they do.

For example, one participant has been banned as a result. It happens that I've had previous discussions with this person. I've also personally emailed other participants, in that thread and others, to open a dialogue about these types of comments. This becomes very time consuming and distracting when we are working 80+ hour weeks to complete MAPI.

Moving forward, we will be happy to discuss the status of MAPI, Outlook versions, licensing and costs, and other topics related to MAPI/EWS in the BETA thread, with people who are actively participating in the BETA.
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Derek Curtis Replied
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Just to follow up on the BETA, if anyone else is interested in participating, please email us at sales@smartertools.com and we'll get you Builds and added to the MAPI BETA Community Category. 
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