Iphones and Corrupted mailboxes
Problem reported by Jane Noel - 9/20/2019 at 9:35 AM
Is anyone else having trouble with Iphones on IMAP corrupting mailboxes?  

We had one customer whose mailbox was corrupted multiple times since we updated to the latest version of Smarter Mail in early 2019.  We're now on Build 7172 (Aug 21, 2019) .  

A number of emails are just blanked out. The corrupted message is usually in the inbox, but appears "undefined" (sometimes you can see the sender's name and date sometimes you can't, but the message is always blank).  Sometimes the corrupted mails go to the deleted items.

One time all of his folders just disappeared.  He was using an Iphone6.

He recently went to get a new Iphone and I haven't heard of a corruption since.

Yesterday, I had a totally new client have this exact same issue.  First thing I asked is if they used an Iphone. And yes, a number of people have access to that mailbox using Iphones.

Clients report to me "I looked and saw I had an email from [some recipient] - but when I went back later to read it, it's gone.  Then they notice either in their mailbox or in their deleted items these "undefined" messages.  

In one instance when our client was very upset and lost some very important messages, I dug through the grp for the mailbox (opened as text) and could see how the grp was starting one email before another finished. It was literally jumbled up.

I have put tickets in about this - but it seems to be pretty random. 

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior.


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Scarab Replied
We were receiving it quite a bit with Apple devices using IMAP causing folder corruption and were working with SmarterTools Support to try and isolate the cause. See https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a91823/corrupt-mail-folders.aspx.

Ultimately we isolated it to starting with macOS 10.14.4 and iOS 12.2 (GMail was having a similar problem with Apple IMAP clients as of that patch as well) and it appears related to Apple adding emoji support to Apple Mail folders. After enough corruptions we only saw the issue on accounts that contained Mail folder names that contained either emojis or symbols. One Mail folder containing even a hypen was enough to dork up IMAP for the other Mail folders on that account. I would assume the same would happen with any email containing an emoji in the Subject or Body.

Good news is that it stopped for us. Once we manually repaired the accounts that were affected by this and made sure none of their Mail folder names contained emojis or symbols the problem never reoccurred. (Knock on wood)

Jane Noel Replied
Thanks Scarab.  That's helpful.  What version of SM are you using?
Scarab Replied

We are using SM Enterprise Build 7188.
Jane Noel Replied
Thanks Scarab. I'll update to 7188 to see if that helps.

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