Export notes & tasks as CSV
Idea shared by Bert Garrett-Tuck - 9/16/2019 at 6:09 PM
Under Consideration
In the SM web interface, you can go to Contacts
- Change to Grid View.
- Tick Select All box.
- Click [...] and Export All as CSV.

Could we please get the same function for Notes (and maybe Tasks)?
A Notes export would only require Subject and Contents, as plain text (or with an "as HTML" option).


PS: Clicking the ? help button on the Import Notes box does not take you to the correct documentation page.  Ironically, I can't find the help page for it at all.  I'm on SmarterMail 16.x.

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I've added this as a feature request for you.

Thanks for bringing the help button to our attention.  I've made sure the appropriate team is aware of that so we can work on getting it fixed in the latest version.
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Hi Bert,

You'll find the help pages for Notes in the menu tree under Help for Users & Domain Administrators > Notes.  Here's a link to the Notes Overview page, https://help.smartertools.com/SmarterMail/current/Topics/User/Collaborate/Notes/Overview.aspx.  You also may want to make sure you are running the latest build of SmarterMail.  I just tested the help link while on the Notes page and it takes me straight to the Notes Overview in Help.

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