Is there a way to see when an email account was accessed. By who and when?
Question asked by James Tlen - 8/29/2019 at 12:59 PM
I have a client that would like to know if a certain email account was accessed on a certain day and by who. Is this something that is possible?

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Emily Ward Replied
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Hi James,

If the Administrative logs are set to detailed you can see login attempts when you search there.  You'll see the protocol or if it's webmail, the attempt, and whether it was a success or failure.  It should look something like this:

[2019.08.29] 14:36:03.468 [] Webmail Attempting to login user: admin
[2019.08.29] 14:36:03.468 [] Webmail Login successful: With user admin
[2019.08.29] 14:42:20.629 [] Webmail Attempting to login user:
[2019.08.29] 14:42:20.629 [] Webmail Login successful: With user

Emily Ward
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James Tlen Replied
Thank You. I will check this out.
echoDreamz Replied
Honestly, it would be great if like say, the last x number of successful login attempts (different IPs) were logged. If the user logs in from the same IP all the time, just keep updating that record, then if you user logs in from a different IP, add it to the list with the date/time etc.

This would help users monitor their own accounts.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Christopher - I've added this as a feature request as its a great idea! Would be good for a user to know right away when an unfamiliar location logs in to their account. 
Kyle Kerst
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Tim DeMeza Replied
This is very similar to what I was asking for a while ago.  I thought I would link the idea that never got traction.  


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