Two suggestions: Remember last port created and multiple IP's per port with multiple certificates
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 8/8/2019 at 3:17 PM
Under Consideration
A few tips on usability in my reconfiguring of my SM server setup after a move:

1) If I'm adding a POP port I'm likely going to add more of the same type after this, i.e. I'll add all of my SMTP ports then all of my POP ports so when I click NEW it would be nice to default to the last port type used.

2) Since Windows Server 2012 they allowed multiple SSL domains to share an IP address most likely due to the IPv4 shortage. I'm having to use an IP per mail domain for securing the ports. I'd prefer to use one IP address, in this scenario, and be able to bind multiple ports of the same type (i.e. SMTP SSL) to the IP address. I would envision in the port config I would enter multiple lines for the certificates (or pfx/password pairs) so the port can have multiple SSL certs assigned to it. SM would have to handle this behind the scenes pairing the cert to the request based on the domain in the IP. This would greatly simplify our setup and minimize the need for IP addresses.

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I've submitted both of these feature requests for you.

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