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Idea shared by Doreen Jones - 7/29/2019 at 12:41 PM
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I'm using SmarterMail 16.x.  Love, love it.  Long-time SmarterMail user.  I have several clients using the system. One thing I'm asked for every so often is the ability to have email templates like MailChimp.  My customers don't know HTML - so pointing them to that option is a waste of time.  

MailChimp recently took away a lot of their options and have made them paid-only options. For the clients I pointed that direction for their mailouts because of the templates, they're now coming back and asking if I can add it to SmarterMail. I think it's time for SmarterMail to come up with an easy interface on the toolbar that allows the user to easily pick a few templates that allow them to drag and drop images, create columns, add headers and footers, etc.

Is this option anywhere on the horizon? My customers would love me if it was (they already love me but you know what I mean).  

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I don't believe this is something that is currently on the horizon.  However, I've gone ahead and submitted this as a feature request for you.

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