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Question asked by Nicolas Fertig - 6/11/2019 at 5:23 AM

Do you have documentation of the Api where to search by results?

For example, I am looking for max size and current size of mailboxes. The first one is in maxMailboxSize (/settings/sysadmin/list-users) and the second... I have to scan all the functions to find it. 

For now, I not found.

Could you help me?

Giuseppe Damiani

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Tony Scholz Replied
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The data you are looking for can all be found here. 

    "domainDiskSpaceMaxSize": number,
    "domainDiskSpaceTotalSize": number,
    "userMeetingWorkspaceSize": number,
    "userFileStoreSize": number,
    "userDiskSpaceMaxSize": number,
    "userDiskSpaceTotalSize": number,    
    "userMailSize": number

You can also use ( /api/v1/report/details/domain/DISK_USAGE/ ) I pulled this from the developer tools on the browser as the documentation for it us not yet posted. The passed body parameters are;


Thank you
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Nicolas Fertig Replied

What is the best way to have the list of users with max space and used space ?

I found (/settings/domain/account-list-search)

The output is 

 "bytesAllowed": ...
 "bytesUsedPercent": ...
But I have to spent time to compute bytesUsed by (bytesAllowed * bytesUsedPercent)/100

Do you have better solution ?

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