Windows 10 native calenar app only read-only when usinf caldav
Problem reported by Mail Server - May 30 at 8:50 AM
SmarterMail: V17.7082
Windows: 1809 with current patches

Since some time (several months) the windows native calendar app can't edit or create any appointment in a smartermail calender connected via CalDAV. However all the events are shown.

E-mail and contacts app still works well via IMAP and CardDAV.

Do you know about this limitation?

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Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post

The Windows 10 calendar app does not natively support using CalDAv.  Can you please provide the steps you used to add your SmarterMail calendar into the calendar app?  
Emily Ward
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SmarterTools Inc.
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Mail Server Replied
Hi Emily,

it's quite easy add an icloud account. Enter correct e-mail with wrong password. After the error is reported continue by manual configuration. Enter the correct password and the SmarterMail URL for CalDAV and CardDAV.

CardDAV works read/write.
CardDAV only read only. (Works definitely read/write several months ago).

Best regards


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