is there anyway we can add multiple storage to SmarterMail?
Question asked by kiarash kiazand - 5/22/2019 at 6:25 AM
the problem is quiet simple. we do have mails that are more than a year old. and then we have new one. We want to be able to move the old emails (as they are less important) on a slow storage (7.2k HDD) and the new emails on fast storage (SSD). Basically i am looking for a ILM (Information life-cycle management) for SmarterMail
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Hello Kiarash,
While we don't have ILM functionality, you could use message archive to save all incoming mail to a different drive, and then use folder auto-clean to remove mail older than a year for user's inboxes.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Another option on this is setting up a secondary domain for the users where they can keep older mail. On your server you would have two domains set up:

example-archive.com doesn't actually need to route, as you'll only keep old (archived) email there and allow users to access on an as needed basis. That keeps your primary domain running clean, while maintaining access to the old email. You can set up the example-archive.com domain so that its stored on your slower drives, and keep example.com on the faster drives with the SmarterMail install itself. 
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kiarash kiazand Replied
Thank you for your reply. Let me explain to you our case, and maybe you could direct us more to the right direction. We are a service provider such as Microsoft or Google. we are using Smartermail to offer email as a service to our customers. We have more than 100 domain associated to the mail server
At the mean time we are already archiving all incoming and outgoing mails in case we need to recover from them. 
So basically Archiving is already in place bit for a different reason and we cannot have multiple domains.
In the other hand if smartermail could manage the  emails in a way that old emails, regardless of their domain would move to a secondary storage, that would make our life much easier and that would bring the cost of infrastructure tremendously down. Like exchange, we want the old mails to automatically move to another storage yet be accessible from the same interface to the user seamlessly.
Please advise
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So, if i understand correctly.
When we define the data path for Smarter Mail, 
We would be able to define a 2nd data path as an "auto archive"
and then say "anything older than xxx days, gets moved to the 2nd path"

So a mailbox would be split across 2 paths ?

Kyle, I was thinking this too...  You would probably have to replicated the whole mailbox structure to the 2nd drive to accomplish this.  

I was also thinking, this might be a possibility for like a cluster ?  almost like setting up a 2nd smartermail instance as an archive point, but get them to talk to each other like.. (a) The live system , (b) the archive system

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