IMAP access option in User Settings
Question asked by Lynn Bushell - 5/19/2019 at 5:11 AM
Hello, I'm trying to configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 to access my SmarterMail account. I have no issue accessing via the webmail interface, but when I try and add as an IMAP account to Outlook it won't connect. I'm pretty sure I've added the server settings correctly, and have tried with and without SSL enabled. SmarterMail Webmail app says it's 12.2 Enterprise.

Just looking at the online help articles which suggest I should have an option to enable IMAP access within the Domain Settings section for my users (am logged in as domain admin) of the webmail console. However that option is not there for some reason. Or is IMAP access enabled via some other method?

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Lynn Bushell Replied
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OK. Never mind. It was a schoolboy error on my part. Resolved now.

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