7068: Creating appointments in web mail issue - wrong dates in iOS Calendar via EAS
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - May 15 at 4:29 AM
I used the web interface to create an appointment yesterday that starts at 2 PM on the start day and ends at 10 AM 7 days later. When I viewed the appointment in my iPhone Calendar App the dates were wrong and all showed all day.  For example I did June 7 2 PM to June 14 10 AM. My iPhone showed the first day as June 8th and all were all day, I think the end date was a day early. I had one attendee added as well. I went into iOS Calendar and corrected it. 

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Neal, can I have you verify your timezone is configured correctly from webmail under User Settings>Account>Time Zone? Please also ensure the timezone is set accordingly on the server itself, and your client device. A lot of the time these kinds of issues can be explained by an incorrect setting saved somewhere causing the client offset to be skewed. Let me know what you're able to find out here :)
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Neal Culiner Replied
Confirmed the time zones are set correctly (Eastern). No issues with using other calendars such as Windows 10 or iOS to create appointments. This issue was from using the web UI. 
Neal Culiner Replied
Problems again today but I created appointments in Windows 10 Calendar with 1 invited person. I did NOT set events as all day, they started on Date 1 1:00 PM and ended on Day End at 11 AM. My invitee accepted the event invites while I was at another computer, I went in to do more scheduling and noticed wrong dates on my events and they all (3 different events) were changed to ALL DAY instead of date/times. 

Also, as has been a problem for a long time line breaks are lost and I go from a formatted calendar notes to single line kludge.


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