Duplicated mails after adding, removing and re-adding an IMAP Connectivity Sync
Idea shared by Etienne Wilderink - 5/12/2019 at 4:04 AM
After removing and re-adding an IMAP Connectivity synchronization, all emails that were already synced before gets duplicated. Maybe there is a way to compare the remote Message-IDs with the local IDs at the first sync?

This behavior bubbled up after changing the 'IMAP Retrieval Interval' (IMAP Protocol settings) to a lower value (2 minutes) but still had to wait almost 10 minutes (the default value) before the new mail was synced. it seems that the interval change is only applied after restarting the SmarterMail Service? Because after a restart, the mail is correctly synced according to the new interval. I have not tested the interval change for the POP Connectivity synchronization.

Another improvement could be to sync the mailbox state back to the synced IMAP account. I think this is a lot of work to implement, but it makes it very easy to keep the remote Inbox (and possibly other folders) clean: moving/deleting an remotely synced message would also move/delete it in the IMAP account.

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Hello Etienne.  Removing the IMAP Retrieval and then re-adding it will pull everything again. If you don't want duplication, then you shouldn't remove the old connector. The connector stores where it "left off" so the next time it syncs it only gets updates. So clearing it will always do a full pull.  I hope this helps.

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