Please make read/delivery receipts go through the spool properly
Idea shared by Robert Simpson - 5/4/2019 at 7:52 AM
Smartermail automatically composes and sends read receipts and delivery receipts, which is a huge problem for spam prevention as it just confirms the mail was delivered to the spammers.

The big hassle is these receipts don't go through the "normal" spool process.  They don't trigger the spool command-line process, so they can't be intercepted and deleted before they're sent.

I ended up having to write a Windows Service that monitors the Spool folder and deletes delivery receipts when they get written, but due to the nature of file monitoring, often I'm trying to open files that are in use, or still being written, or have to fight with smartermail for ownership of the file because I don't know when it's complete and ready for reading.

If you're not able or willing to give us the ability to control whether smartermail sends delivery receipts, please at the very least make these auto-responses by Smartermail go through the normal full spool process where a command-line utility can intercept and delete them properly.

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Emily Ward Replied
Employee Post
Hi Robert,

Are you referring to the read and delivery receipts for end users or the system messages such as "Delivery Status Failure", Delivery Status Relayed" and "Delivery Status Success"?

Emily Ward
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SmarterTools Inc.
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These e-mails are generated by SmarterMail when an incoming e-mail requests a delivery receipt.  Incoming spammers are requesting a delivery receipt, and smartermail happily returns one.  This e-mail generated by Smartermail appears in the spool, but doesn't hit the custom spool proc executable and can't be stopped.

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