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Question asked by Scot Desort - 4/26/2019 at 8:12 AM
Is there any "end user friendly" guide that I can give out to end users BEFORE I upgrade from 15.x to 17.x? It seems like webmail is very different and I have 2000+ users who will be in complete shock without some basic list of changes in advance. This would be JUST for webmail.


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Hi Scot,

That's an excellent question.  Our team put together an easy to follow video designed to introduce the new webmail interface to end users.  We have it posted on our YouTube page along with a few other videos.  When you have a moment check it out: End User Features in SmarterMail.

I hope this helps!

Best wishes, 
Anne Campbell Replied
Before upgrading smartermail recommend you do a trial install and ensure you are happy with the features before committing to a change.

"When the time comes that we do implement these changes, I would highly encourage you to review the new version in a test installation PRIOR to upgrading your production server. Testing new software prior to upgrading will help to avoid this predicament in the future. This is especially true when performing a major upgrade or an upgrade to a version that changes the features you use." direct from Customer Operations Manager     

If you use sharing I would stick with SM15 for now as SM17 sharing is miles behind SM15 

Scot Desort Replied
Unfortunately we outsource the server environment with Hostek so I can't do a parallel test install.

We don't use sharing so there is no issue there. Our users have very simple needs, but can get easily confused when the visual layout changes.

Anne Campbell Replied
There are a few threads on here about visual layout 

It is much better on mobile devices but as for the desktop experience its all down to personal preference, personally I would like to see option for a SM15 layout. I have a large monitor I don't want to have to scroll all day.

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