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Question asked by Yannick Guerdat - 4/24/2019 at 10:36 PM
We are actually a little limited with the rights regarding the KB. Actually all is visible for everyone or all is visible to customers only (Support users). 

I will found great to give some informations let's say "for free" for any of my users and some only for limited groups of users I trust. 

Some of my actual cases : 
  • Giving specification of a software or minimal requirement to everyone (so partners of my customer can access these infos without creating an account)
  • Giving the roadmap of the development only to my customers (that I have validate the access to). 
  • Download area from our software --> Only available for our customers 

Do you think guys it make sense ? Do you think it can be soon added ? I have read your KB "Restrict KB access to Specific Brands and Roles" but it's not fine enough for my purpose. 

I'm actually trying to deal and replace any of our paper or digital documentation with this KB, but without rights it's hard to put all online. Some informations are sensitive and some not. 

Thanks for your feedback
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Hello Yannick,

I'd have to agree with the documentation recommending the use of custom roles.  When you create a custom role you have the options of customizing which Knowledge Base folders that role can access.  You've described 3 types of roles - these can be created in SmarterTrack. 

User A - Unregistered User
KB Articles - Level 1 folders only

User B - Custom Role
KB Articles - Level 1, and Level 2 folders

User C - Custom Role
KB Articles - Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 folders

Once the Knowledge Base folder structure is mapped in a way that can relate to custom roles you would be able to achieve your objective.

Manage Roles
Edit Role Options
Assign Custom KB Article Permissions

I hope this helps!

Best wishes, 

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