Incorrect Error Message for Mailing List Failures
Problem reported by Shaun Peet - 4/15/2019 at 10:37 AM
For the past few builds of SmarterMail there's been new / strange behaviour with mailing lists.  Specifically...

Given a mailing list which is set to only allow posting from the moderator and/or specific whitelisted posters, whenever a subscriber to the list tries to send a message to the list it fails (good), however:

1) It sends the moderator of the list a failure message that "the size of your message exceeded the maximum size allowed of XXX kilobytes", and 
2) It sends the above failure notice to the moderator of the list.  I'm not sure if it also sends the message to the person who tried to post to it or not.

I happen to be the moderator of a fairly large list so I'm getting these erroneous messages somewhat frequently.  But it also confuses many of our other users who fear that their own postings may not be going out because they receive these messages for the lists they moderate.

Happy to open a support ticket if needed to poke around our environment.  Thanks,


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