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Problem reported by Ishan Talathi - 4/14/2019 at 11:11 PM
We are on latest current Smartermail. 

Our users are receiving emails 

User.name@domain.com to User.name@domain.com 
These emails do not have any SPF record and are coming from different sources. 

Subject is just user.name 

As we are on Smartermail Enterprise, the users on Global Address List are Trusted Senders. 

So these spam emails pass through without any spam checks and are delivered directly to the inbox. 

How can we prevent this type of spam? 

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John Marx Replied
I think this should become a feature request that if the user isn't authenticated and coming from an internal domain that it isn't accepted.
Shaun Peet Replied
Kyle Kerst Replied
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To resolve these issues you'll need a combined approach:

1. Enable SMTP authentication on the domain, and under Settings>Protocols>SMTP IN.
2. Deploy SPF records, DKIM, etc to verify your outbound emails against. 
3. Increase the weight associated with failed SPF checks under Settings>Antispam to force rejection of these messages. 
Kyle Kerst
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