Is Sendermail(2) not checked when blocking a domain or email in SMTP Blocks?
Problem reported by Richard Clafton - 4/3/2019 at 12:29 PM
We get a lot of spam that comes from Amazon Hosted Email and keeps getting through the SMTP blocks.

[2019.04.03] 14:07:01.880 [][52854072] senderEmail(1): 01000169e49462ca-6384880a-9cec-44d1-a6e5-0c94e1069d57-000000@amazonses.com parsed using: <01000169e49462ca-6384880a-9cec-44d1-a6e5-0c94e1069d57-000000@amazonses.com>

[2019.04.03] 14:07:02.286 [][52854072] senderEmail(2): info@gettheunlimitedleadgenerator.com parsed using: "Small Business Funds Fast" <info@gettheunlimitedleadgenerator.com>

I have gettheunlimitedleadgenerator.com and also info@gettheunlimitedleadgenerator.com in the SMTP blocks, but they never get blocked.    Which is why I ask the question.  

Without the custom rules working in 7016 I have no way of combatting this at this time.  These spammers are hiding behind the reputation(!) of Amazon to get their mail through the spam checkers.


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Richard Clafton Replied
Is this being ignored?   A simple yes or no would suffice.
Duarte Replied
We are looking at a situation where senderemail(2) is used to spoof the From field, so that it looks like the mail was sent from the same domain as the person who received the message.

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