Search form above message list - where it is looking for provided keywords (recipient, sender, title, content etc.) ?
Question asked by Webio - 3/26/2019 at 6:35 AM

I've tried to start conversation here:

but I didn't get any response and that's why I wanted to start a new thread. I'm not sure how about you but after upgrading from v15 to v17 search form works slower and I've started to wonder what/where search form is looking for provided keywords in v17 and where it looked in v15?

IMHO almost all clients which use webmail are using search form to find emails from certain person or maybe with certain title but on the other hand message content not so often. I'm wondering does using search form in v15 also looked for keywords inside message content too?

I've noticed that when performing search in folder (Inbox in this particular example on private account) search is taking noticeable time and maybe I would have a suggestion here:

Can you consider adding some kind of checkbox section in mail admin settings which will allow mail admin to select in what places does search form above message list should look for provided keywords?

This feature would for sure speed things up for most of webmail users and if they want to look for message content they could use dedicated search section (assuming that "message content" checkox would be unchecked in mentioned mail admin section).


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Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
Search is definitely slower in the later SM 17 builds. What we suspect is that now the normal search (aka search in a folder) and the advanced search are one and the same: https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a91620/search-in-sm-17-100-is-slower-than-in-sm-16.aspx

Basically, now both take about the same amount of time, when in the past searching in a folder would be nearly instantaneous, even with thousands of mails in that folder.

Faster search in WebMail would be an improvement, as would also be some more search options (like in Outlook) even for the normal search.

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