VSS... Another conversion to 17 issue?
Problem reported by Rod Strumbel - 3/21/2019 at 7:22 AM
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Ran across an issue today where there was 500GB of "missing" space on one of our drives.
System reported it as in use, but if examining folder usage, it came to nowhere near the amount of space the system saw being used.

Upon poking around and talking with my IT department, they found that a Shadow Copy had been created on the machine (for about 590G).  That is where the missing space was.   WE do not utilize VSS for anything and it is disabled by default in our server templates.

So... question is... is this another remnant of something that the conversion process to SmarterMail 17 left behind like the XML files and such?  Another sign that the process didn't really fully finish?

Not blasting SmarterMail here at all, just want to know if they are the source of this VSS or do I need  to continue looking for some other rogue process that created it?

Figured this may help MANY others if it really is an SM upgrade issue in reclaiming missing drive space, hence why the question is here and not issued as a support ticket directly.


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Matt Petty Replied
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We don't use VSS for anything. We don't invoke backups, the only backups we do are daily midnight backups of the user, domain, and system JSON (configuration) files. Those are placed into the "Archived Data" directory in every User, Domain, and at the system service settings root. They are cleaned after a couple days. You may also find a folder called "Legacy Config Files" this is a ZIP containing the user configs (XML's and such) from before the conversion. We do plan on coming out with an update that will automatically remove "Legacy Config Files" after a certain amount of time has passed.

However, this shouldn't be using a ton of space and it has nothing to do with shadow copies. This is a per user/domain/system thing. I don't have a ton of experience working with VSS so I'm not really sure what could create that.
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Rod Strumbel Replied
No worries, you answered my question that it was NOT part of the Upgrade process.
Thank you!

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