Smartermail 16 and Plesk Windows and disabled Mail function
Problem reported by Chris Mayer - 3/21/2019 at 3:17 AM
Hello all

We use more and more smartermail 16 servers with our plesk onyx installations. we have so far one problem. if we disable the mail function inside plesk because domain uses external mailserver, the mailservice is just disabled in smartermail as well. so far so good.

but if now a local mail account from another locally hosted domain with enabled mailservice wants to write a mail to the disabled mailservice domain it will fail with en error message that the domain mailservice is disabled.

we have now to go directly to the smartermail admin portal and set that externally mailservice domain to active inside smartermail and the mail incoming setting to "externally use MX". than the mail sending from local domain with mailservice enable to local domain with external mailservice is working.

it would be great if there would be any change to set that via plesk hosting control panel. or like it was 2 years ago and before where the maildomain inside smartermail was just renamed to for disabled mailservice.

cheers chris

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Koen Klomp Replied
I totally agree, would be nice if this could be changed in Plesk as well. 

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