Is there a Way to be Selective Which Email Accounts Have Password Expire Automatically?
Question asked by Benjamin Breedlove - 3/15/2019 at 7:15 AM
Using SM 16.3.6782, I have the user's passwords in my domain to automatically expire every 9 months.  Only problem is that I do not want certain email account such as Abuse, webmaster, moreinfo, and printers to be forced to change.  Is there a way that I can disable the forced change of the password on those ONLY while making everyone else be forced to change?

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Benjamin, currently there is no way to be selective about which accounts do or do not have automatic password expiration, if enabled.  The management and development teams have a discussion item about giving domain admins more control on password requirements and other settings.  I will add this to that discussion item.
Benjamin Breedlove Replied
If an user has received an email saying that their password will expire on 04/12/19, do you think that if I went into their User Account Settings and slide the option for "Disable password changes" to Enable, would that stop the forced password change?
Benjamin Breedlove Replied
Does anyone know that if I went into their User Account Settings and slide the option for "Disable password changes" to Enable, would that stop the forced password change?
HI Robert !
Did you guys have a chance to discuss this ?

Our standard policy on the server is to expire all passwords every 90 days.  But like Benjamin, we have several email accounts that i do not want to ever expire.  Mainly these are for system alerts from various servers, clients servers, internet connection monitoring, Antivirus Alerts at our internet cafes, etc.  Its a significant pain in the (fingertips) and time to run around to and remote into dozens of systems and changes these when they expire.  

Considering Security, maybe for the "will never expire" accounts, the password strength should be mandated to be like 15 characters minumum length or something.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Setting the Disable password changes toggle will not prevent expired passwords from affecting these users. When clicking Expire Password with the Disable Password Changes toggle enabled presents a message advising the admin that the Disable password changes setting will be turned off. So these two options appear to cancel each other out. 

I did check on the discussion item for this and other password/domain admin related permissions items, and found this is still on our radar, but does not yet have an update available. Please keep an eye on release notes and blog posts for updates on future functionality availability. 
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