Is there a Way to be Selective Which Email Accounts Have Password Expire Automatically?
Question asked by Benjamin Breedlove - March 15 at 7:15 AM
Using SM 16.3.6782, I have the user's passwords in my domain to automatically expire every 9 months.  Only problem is that I do not want certain email account such as Abuse, webmaster, moreinfo, and printers to be forced to change.  Is there a way that I can disable the forced change of the password on those ONLY while making everyone else be forced to change?

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Robert Emmett Replied
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Benjamin, currently there is no way to be selective about which accounts do or do not have automatic password expiration, if enabled.  The management and development teams have a discussion item about giving domain admins more control on password requirements and other settings.  I will add this to that discussion item.
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Benjamin Breedlove Replied
If an user has received an email saying that their password will expire on 04/12/19, do you think that if I went into their User Account Settings and slide the option for "Disable password changes" to Enable, would that stop the forced password change?

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