Duplicate email sending in SmarterMail 16.3.6843.
Problem reported by Indika Liyanachchi - 3/6/2019 at 12:11 AM

Some of our customers are complaining that when they send the e-mail to someone the receiver gets duplicate emails. One customer said the receiver got 14 times the same email. Most of the customers that complain are using MS Outlook (2016/2010/2007) and using POP3. what is the reason for this? This happens randomly and we are using SmarterMail Enterprise EditionVersion: 16.3.6843.

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Indika Liyanachchi Replied
Can any one give a solution for this my version is SmarterMail Enterprise Build 7016 (Mar 18, 2019)

Sébastien Riccio Replied
I would ask the customer to give the time/date the mail was sent and look for into the Delivery logs in troubleshooting/logs section of SM admin to first see if SmarterMail really sent 14 times the same e-mail.

There should then be 14 outgoing SMTP sessions to the destination in the log.

If you find them, then it would be interresting to see if there is any error and if they all have the same message id or if it differs for each SMTP session.

This would be a good starting point to understand what is happening here.

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Scarab Replied

In addition to the advice Sebastien gave, I've seen this happen under two specific instances:

  1. The message is stuck in the sender's Outbox because there is no space left to move it to their Sent Items folder (the SMTP logs in SmarterMail will show the message being sent multiple times). This is very common for Outlook (especially in older versions that had a 20GB PST file size limit, but it still happens in newer versions even with the 50GB PST file size limit). To immediately remedy the situation they can take Outlook into Offline mode and manually remove the email from their Outbox. Long term, compacting the folders in Outlook can oftentimes resolve the situation for a while, but ultimately they need to archive their Personal Folders to further reduce the size. (I've also seen it happen when the sender's C: drive was full...although that doesn't happen very often these days.)

  2. If SmarterMail (especially v17/v100) is CPU or I/O limited a message may be delivered but not removed from the Spool, resulting in the email being delivered multiple times. This is especially a possibility if you are running SmarterMail on a VM instead of a bare-metal server. We had it happen recently when running a Custom Build of SmarterMail that was doing some intensive logging, resulting in constant 98-100% CPU usage and high I/O at peak times under heavy load. Check your server's CPU and I/O activity.

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