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Problem reported by John Marx - 3/5/2019 at 6:29 AM
Being Fixed
I had a half dozen "Blocked Sender" in my Inbox this morning. It was my understanding that these are supposed to go to junk email and not have to be clicked anymore. Obviously if the system is marketing it on my screen as being blocked this doesn't fall into a spam rule but a manual override.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi John, 

Can you please go to Settings > Spam Filtering and verify that your Blocked Sender Action is set to Move to Junk Email Folder? There's an option to set it to None, and I'm wondering if it may have reverted to that option. 

I have my action set to Move to Deleted Items Folder, and it does appear to be working correctly. I see new messages that were delivered to my Deleted Items folder this morning, and they show Blocked Sender in the header. In the meantime, however, I'm going to change my action to Move to Junk Email Folder and see if I can replicate the problem.

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.

John Marx Replied

I believe that is what I have. 

Robert Emmett Replied
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John, a fix for this has been identified and will be included in the next public build release.
Robert Emmett
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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