Missing - Adding User to Multiple Mailing List Lists?
Question asked by TJ - 3/4/2019 at 6:18 PM
I recently moved to SM17, coming from SM15 and back in SM15 you could go into a mailing list and add an email address (as you can now), but there was a handy option to go into a user and add them to multiple mailing lists all at once - is this no longer an option? If so, can we add it back please?

Thanks, TJ

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi TJ,

This option is available when Domain Admins view a subscriber. Log in as the Domain Admin, edit a mailing list, click on the Subscribers tab, then click on the subscriber's email address. In the Subscriber modal that opens up, click on the Subscriptions tab. This will show a list of all mailing lists, allowing you to easily add or remove the subscriber from multiple lists at a time.

Keep in mind: Just like in version 15.x, this option is only visible to Domain Administrators. If you've made an end user a moderator of a mailing list, they will not see the Subscriptions tab when editing a subscriber. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


TJ Replied
Perfect! Thank you!

On a related note, my mailing lists only have internal, Smartermail users/mailboxes subscribed to them, but the subscribers keep accumulating Bounces - could that be because of the greylisting thats enabled on the domain/mailboxes? How do the mailing lists handle greylisting (in general), but more importantly, shouldn't it be ignored for a local user?

Thanks! TJ

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