Can SmarterMail not display the Original Sender When Used To Relay Email?
Question asked by Martin Eising - 3/1/2019 at 2:54 PM

We have an internal email system and use Procmail to send email out of the office. Our external mail server is SmarterMail 12.5, and it relays our CRM emails to our clients: IF we are authenticated; and the request comes from our office' fixed IP.

When SmarterMail relays our emails the Original Sender is in the header of that email (this is causing us problems, there is a default PTR record that has a hostname that contains an IP that is the reverse of our fixed IP and just so happens that this IP part of the hostname is blacklisted by a South Korean blacklist called "SERVICESNET").

Is it possible to have SmarterMail not display the Original Sender information (e.g. the headers from our internal Procmail mail server)? This would be an easy fix for this problem!

Thanks in advance!

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