Compose Window Header Size/Non Popout Compose Window?
Question asked by TJ - 2/27/2019 at 10:04 AM
Hi everyone, I have some users with less than perfect eyesight, so they have windows scaling set to 125%. They also tend to use laptops with smaller 13/14" screens. 

When the compose pop-out window is on screen, due to the size of the header, they can't see much of the body of the message they are composing and if they are attaching files to the email, its even worse (and they often can't see if there is a file attached or not).

Is there any option to reduce the size of the header? Or I seem to recall back in the day that there was an option to create a new message in a window (as SM17 does now) or to create a new message, embedded where the preview pane is show - I couldn't see that as an option in SM 6985 

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