SmarterMail 17.x/100.x - Viruses and Reports
Question asked by Tim DeMeza - 2/27/2019 at 6:36 AM
I am really confused.  These aren't the only reports that are confusing, but I will start here.  

Viruses Caught: 
This shows me a count of viruses that were stopped by by.  But stopped by what?
Again, I see counts by day, but really worthless.

This shows me counts of connections.  Connections to what?  Why do I care?  I want to know if it is doing anything (I think this is the AV that actually does something though), just no way to find out.

Cyren Zero-Hour Antivirus:
This report is exactly what I would want to see.  The problem is, it has never shown anything but Zeros in the Confirmed Viruses, High, Medium and Non virus columns.  Unknown is the only column that has data.  I think this has been this way forever.  In other words, what is the point?  It seemingly does nothing but count emails.  

I truly may be missing something, but I am days from needing to renew my support and I don't want to buy something that isn't doing anything for me.  

Thanks to anyone that can help clarify.  

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