blocking specific incoming email addresses
Question asked by Kevin Mahoney - 2/21/2019 at 1:31 PM
Like most I'm sure, we have spammers that are hitting all our email addresses. Is there a way to stop, block or flag as SPAM-HIGH individual email addresses.

At the moment:
info3@yahoo.com; on behalf of; eva [eva123@deluxeav.com.cn]

How do I stop or flag these before they get to the in boxes?


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CTL Replied

1) You can block email address via user account by clicking email account drop down menu will display block the        sender ,  The blocked email going to junk folder 

2)  Check your specific email spam settings , check & compare incoming spam mail weight and move / delete spam high emails 
Steve Norton Replied
There are a few ways to achieve this e.g custom Spam check of the FROM header at the server level or content filtering rule at the domain level but rather than targeting a specific email addresses, as the spammers will change this, I can help you look for wider configuration issues/recommendation that would stop this type of Spam or create more specific rules targeting, for example Chinese from addresses (.cn), if it's more appropriate.
Looking at your post it appears the corresponding SMTP log entry would have sender(1) as info2@yahoo.com and sender(2) as eva123@deluxeav.com.cn so DMARC would not have stopped this but if you could confirm the sending host and IP address.
Kevin Mahoney Replied
>>There are a few ways to achieve this e.g custom Spam check of the FROM header at the server level<<
Yes, I would prefer this. Ideally it would be nice to have the ability to use wildcards so I can just plain stop some country domain extensions. We have our own dedicated server and all sites are our own. So it's not like we have server clients that would be spamming from our server. I'm only worried about the inbound spam.


Steve Norton Replied
To target sender(2) (aka MAIL FROM) create 'Settings/Antispam/Spam Checks' - New

Custom Rule

Rule Name: MAIL FROM .cn
Rule Source: Header
Header: From
Rule Source: Contains
Rule Text: .cn> 
Weight: 30     (adjust to your needs)
Enable Spool Filtering: Enabled

Kevin Mahoney Replied
I wanted to follow up with this as it has totally stopped the highly aggravating spam.

The settings I used:
Rule Source: Header
Rule Source: Wildcard
Rule Text (one per line):
Weight: 40
Match Multiple: Disabled
Enable Spool Filtering: Enabled
Enable Outgoing SMTP Blocking: Disabled


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