How can I add and / or remove an email account via the API?
Question asked by Massimo Capanni - 2/21/2019 at 1:37 AM
Hello everyone,

in our company we are considering replacing the current Mdaemon mail server with SmarterMail.
A very important procedure that the mail server will have to perform is to create and / or delete email accounts from our internal management system.
This procedure is currently performed using the Mdaemon APIs.
I have turned the documentation to our programmer but says that there are no methods to create the appropriate procedures.
How could we get around or solve this problem?
Consider that often the management system creates or deletes many mailboxes during a working day.

Thank you.


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Frank Jensen Replied
It is possible using the Legacy API.
Massimo Capanni Replied
Thank you Frank,

where could I look for Legacy API documentation?

Frank Jensen Replied
Frank Jensen Replied
Just one note - the add AddDomainEx have issues.

When it is called it respond with login fail. However domain are still created.
Also domains are also created with a faulty DKIM set to on.

We dont have issues with addUsers.
We dont delete users using API so dont know if that have issues.

Derek Curtis Replied
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Just to follow up on the URL provided by Frank...SmarterMail offers an extensive API, and each install includes its own set of API docs. Those are available by going to https://your-email-URL/documentation/api#/topics/overview. For example:

The "legacy" API is still available and functioning for the latest builds of SmarterMail. Documentation for the new API beyond what's currently available is still being worked on, as time permits. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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