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Question asked by Derrick Kluyts - 2/18/2019 at 2:43 AM
Hi Everyone,

Our SmarterMail mail data has reached 400GB. We currently have no failover server. I have an archive application that archives all mail every night at 20:00. However, I was hoping that someone could give some advise as to what is the best solution for backing up 400GB worth of mail data daily. I am currently just backing up the domain folders to an smb share or external drive. (Using 3rd party application to only backup changes)

I have the mail server installed on an VM so, if total server failure occurs I am able to restore the entire server almost instantly. I have the server data stored on a seperate VM disk.

Any thoughts or advise?

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Steven Belsha Replied
A FREE solution that works well for us to to use ROBOCOPY.  The script we use is below.  We store our copy's on a 4TB external drive.

Modify as needed to a .bat file and then schedule it to run at a time of your choosing with Task Scheduler.
This script as posted will copy any new files and sync any deletions with your external drive. A 4TB drive should last you a long, long time.

@echo off
echo Copying Image files...
robocopy f:\smartermail\images z:\smartermail\images\ /MIR /R:6 /W:10 /ZB
echo Copying Log files...
robocopy f:\smartermail\logs z:\smartermail\logs\ /MIR /R:6 /W:10 /ZB
echo Copying mailboxes...
robocopy f:\smartermail\domains z:\smartermail\domains\ /MIR /R:6 /W:10 /ZB /XF *.grp

Rod Strumbel Replied
I use similar... good habit to get into using  \\  instead of a single \ in your paths.
Robo gets pissy about that sometimes interpreting it as an escape char.

Question Steven... what is this "images" file you are backing up?
I don't see one of those in my enterprise installation.

Steven Belsha Replied
It is and old directory from SM 13 or 14 that holds custom images for the webmail login I believe.  We store a copy of our company logo there and did not want to lose it to an upgrade.
Linda Pagillo Replied
If you are looking for a paid solution, I am using CrashPlan Pro for one of my personal SM servers and I love it. Only $10/mo per device for unlimited storage. It makes everything so easy to back up and restore. Here is a link to their site if you want to check it out...
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