Forwarding emails no longer dependable (version 17)
Problem reported by Steve Guluk - 2/14/2019 at 7:45 AM
We've found various issues with our update to SmarterMail Enterprise Build 6956.

The latest is that Forwarding is no longer consistent.

I posted an example in this thread.

We thought it was just Admins but have confirmed it's regular users also. Wishing we did not apply the update that moved us from v16 to 17 :-(

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Steve Guluk Replied
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UPDATE: Talking to Rose in Customer Service, we found there is a Control panel item for the Domain that determines which emails can Forward. 

Much like the newly introduced issue where spam thresholds reverted on update, this area may have also changed (reverted to default) which is what confused our understanding of the problem. We were seeing some emails forward and other not, as a new condition.

Making the change to this setting has returned Forwarding to the expected case.

Good Customer Service from Rose!

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