SM17 DKIM activation problem
Problem reported by David Thomas - 2/8/2019 at 2:55 AM
Hi !
A customer have the domain name "".
The entry in DNS for DKIM is ok : check : unable to activate the Email Signature, every time the DNS check failed.

SM 100.0.6964


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David Thomas Replied
Same problem with build 100.0.6985
Chris Daley Replied
DKIM issues are usually down to

1. MS DNS is being used and the dkim record hasn't been split onto multiple lines

2. SM is hitting a DNS cache, we don't have dns caching enabled within SM itself but it still uses our own resolvers which cache records.

3. DKIM was setup in SM using an older key length e.g. 768 or 1024 when the minimum required is 2048. If this is the case you need to disable and regenerate DKIM on the domain.

Try removing v=DKIM1; from the start just have p=

David Thomas Replied
Hi Chris !

1. We use google DNS as primary and OVH DNS as secondary

2. No cache activated

3. key length is 2018

I try your tips and remove the "v.DKIM1;"....

David Thomas Replied
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Problem solved : the key was tronkated in DNS, form entry don't accept so many characters

Thank You Chris !

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