Use outbound gateway for local users
Question asked by abzsol - February 8 at 12:42 AM

we set an outbound gateway on our Smartermail 15.x, it works fine if the recipient is an external domain.
But if for example sends an email to (both of them on our SM machine), it doesn't use the gateway for delivery.
We tried changing the domain from local to external MX but it creates a loop.


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abzsol Replied
Is there anyone who can help me?
Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post

This is not currently possible. If we find the domain locally on the box we always go straight to the spool bypassing gateways and SMTP. Unfortunately this is how the system is built. It can not be configured and it would not necessarily be easy for us to change.

There may be some weird setup that could allow you to do this, but anything would be kinda janky and prone to problems.
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