Wondering if adding Google Safe Browsing urls to anti-spam would help?
Idea shared by Eric Tykwinski - 2/7/2019 at 2:04 PM
Since I know SmarterMail itself has the ability to do URI lookups, I was wondering if a download of the Google Safe Browsing list from the API would be effective as another URIBL.  Problems I see is each person would probably have to get their own API key, and it could really slow down scanning since I think you have to hash the url and do a lookup on a pretty big database.

Any thoughts?

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What URIBLs do you have configured currently?
I've just got multi.uribl.com enabled, so probably should add a bit.  I only suggested because I saw a email pass with a Google Safe Browsing link blacklisted get through.
Can you please share your current multi.uribl.com settings, the default settings are incorrect in the versions I've studied where 'Incoming 'SMTP' is enabled when it should actually be 'Spool Filtering' that's enabled.
Can you also share the link that got a pass, it may no longer be blacklisted but I'll check it against the other URIBLs I have which are part of the recommended settings that can be found here https://github.com/SteveUnderScoreN/SMSpamConfig

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