Adding wildcards for Required Lookup Values in in RBLs in SM16
Question asked by Michael Graveen - January 30 at 11:15 AM
I am using Bruce Barnes' AntiSPAM settings to configure RBLS in SmarterMail 16.  for instance, one of the RBLs is SPAMHAUS ZEN.  The Required Lookup Value is * (an asterisk).  SM16 doesn't accept an * as a valid entry.  SM15 does accept an *.  How would I go about adding this in SM16?



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Alex Carnot Replied
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This was identified as a bug and has been fixed. It will be included in the next public release and will allow an asterisk to be accepted in the Required Lookup Values field.
Alex Carnot
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Michael Graveen Replied
Thank you.  I look forward to the next minor release.


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