Duplicate Meetings in Outlook 2016
Problem reported by Paul R - January 24 at 2:24 PM
SM Enterprise 16.3.6915.

John uses Outlook 2016 with EAS to connect to his Smartermail account.

Suzie uses her Smartermail account from 3 devices:

  1.   Desktop with Outlook 2016 installed, using EAS.
  2.   Older laptop with older (non-EAS) version of Outlook, using IMAP and CalDav Synchronizer plug-in.
  3.   iPhone via EAS.

John creates a meeting and invites Suzie.

If Suzie accepts the meeting on the PC with Outlook 2016 or her iPhone, a single instance of the meeting is displayed in her calendar across all devices.  That is good.

PROBLEM:  If she accepts the meeting from her laptop--i.e.,  the older Outlook using IMAP and CalDav Synchronizer-- then her laptop calendar, iPhone, and Webmail all show a single instance of the accepted meeting.  But Outlook 2016 (EAS) on her desktop shows 2 copies of the same meeting-- one accepted, and the other in pending ("this meeting has not been accepted") status.  

Additionally, since Outlook 2016 shows duplicate copies of the same meeting, viewing the meeting in Outlook 2016 shows "conflicts with another appointment" warning.


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