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Question asked by John Marx - 1/11/2019 at 11:49 AM
Whenever something comes through that gets passed the spam filters and arrives in my Inbox I right-click and choose Block Sender. It then automatically moves 99% of the time to Junk Email. The 1% that doesn't it just stays there. This message though has arrived several times (yesterday and today). It shows as it is blocked so why does it continue to arrive and stay in my Inbox? 

Do we need (or can we) create a rule if it's blocked to move in case the software doesn't automatically do it?

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi John, 

This issue was resolved in Build 6948 (Jan 9, 2019):
Fixed: "Block Senders" action not moving email to Junk Email or Deleted Items folder.

I had come across the issue as well, and it's no longer occurring in Build 6956 (Jan 17, 2019). 

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


echoDreamz Replied
Yep, I can confirm we had this bug and the above update did resolve it.
John Marx Replied
I will be installing that update this week and look forward to it. :) Thanks.

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