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Idea shared by John Marx - 1/8/2019 at 7:32 AM
Being we just noticed ClamAV had stopped running is there anyway to re-scan an entire system with the latest definition. Although this is for our current issue I would love to look at a way to do this quarterly (or more often) as a virus may have gotten through as the definitions don't know about it and then a day, week, or month later the definitions now have the capability of detecting.

If this isn't available then I propose it be implemented as administrators of email it is our responsibility to be proactive for all of our users.

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There is no way to scan all of the emails your system received unfortunately (not like how they are scanned on incoming). 

Since all emails are stored (per day) in a GRP file. Even using a filesystem scanner, if it reports a virus in the GRP file, you could lose the entire day's worth of emails if the GRP file is removed.

We have some custom tools that we've developed to scan individual accounts (not with ClamAV though, since it is garbage). However, we do not run it across our entire server.
Then SmarterTools can we change this to a feature request as I see this as a much needed feature and know when I was an Microsoft Exchange and Novell Groupwise (yes that long ago) administrator we had that ability.
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Updated to a feature request. I like the idea could potentially be run on a per user basis or something. Might be costly CPU wise to do it to a whole server but I could see it being useful.
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Yeah, ClamAV is NASTY on CPU cycles...

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