Userconfig.xml is malformed when attaching user to domain in SM17
Problem reported by Neil Harvey - 1/5/2019 at 8:21 AM

Using SM 6928. 

I had an issue with my server which caused on of my domains to become corrupted, it lost the accounts.json file so had no users available. I thought this could have been solved by using the backed up version, but this caused the domain to not load at all.

I then manually attached all the users back and most of them seem OK. I have an issue with a couple of accounts that will not add back. (one being mine).

When attaching the user a red box with the error UserConfig.XML is malformed comes up.

I cannot find any UserConfig.XML within any of the user folders or the system folders. 

Please advise how this can be fixed.

many thanks

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Neil Harvey Replied

Fixed one of the accounts by copying the backup of settings.json back. So this is the file it is looking for not UserConfig.XML.

Just one account to fix now and this will not import no matter what version of the settings.json is used. I just get a 'Failed to Complete Operation' error.

Neil Harvey Replied

So I have decided to rebuild the one missing user by recreating the account. This should have been pretty easy but for what seems like a bug in the add folder. Although I have recursive ticked it will not add sub directories but comes back with an error 
'Object reference not set to an instance of the object reference'
Which is not very descriptive.


Matt Petty Replied
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    I was unable to reproduce this locally. We did have a release note about fixing Rebuild folder. Could you update and see if you are still experiencing the issue?
  • Fixed: "Rebuild folder" system admin action does not work.
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