SM 17 / V100 success stories?
Question asked by Nathan - 12/29/2018 at 8:47 AM
Hi All, 

There seem to be varying reports for sm17/v100, with some inferring critical issues whilst others suggesting it works well. Is anyone using it in a reasonable sized deployment including EAS/EWS without any major issues? 

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Elazar Broad Replied
I have the latest build(6928) running on a rather small server - 3 domains and about 25 mailboxes - without any major issues. 

In terms of some of the issues mentioned in other threads: 
1. shared folders seems to work fine for me (sharing the Inbox folder of one mailbox between two separate mailboxes). Though this folder has been shared for some time, prior to upgrading to v17
2. 2-Step auth settings used to show up when impersonating on previous builds, but not on this one.
3. CPU averages around 1%, however, memory has been creeping up from ~350MB or so on previous builds to ~500MB on this one.
4. Deleting or moving items in Outlook(2016) via EAS doesn't reflect in the web interface, though this could be an issue with Outlook as opposed to SM.


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