Smarter Mail 16.x no errors at all, but email does not comin or go out. Nothing shown in spool
Question asked by Raul Morales - 12/20/2018 at 5:42 PM

After defragmenting the drive where we have the inbox data for all of our users, the server does not send or receive email. No error is shown, all diagnostics pass, nothing stuck or even shown on spool, files are created in spool/proc folder, but nothing shows in the inboxes. Not even local mail works.

If an external user sends an email from, lets say, Gmail, nothing arrives, nor it bounces or anything.

Any help? We even reinstalled the server from scratch, incluiding OS and new IP Address.

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Patrick Mattson Replied
Not sure this will help:
Do you have ports assigned to IPs?
DNS MX records exist and are correct.
In the Troubleshooting -> view logs, if you type an email of a sender from your mail server and show display related traffic do you see anything
Run your domain through mxtoolbox.com

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