Need Help with ActiveSync and Outlook 2013 syncing
Problem reported by William Philliber - 12/14/2018 at 2:49 PM
For almost every user that I've set up with Outlook 2013 and Smartermail ActiveSync on their PC, Outlook and Smartermail get out of sync and I haven't found a way to remedy it. New email comes into the Outlook client, but no changes are propagated back to Smartermail.  The Outlook client says that "All folders are up to date". 
Does anyone have suggestions or know of a fix? We are on Smartermail Version: 16.3.6855.

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William, are there any exceptions in the ActiveSync logs?
William Philliber Replied
These are the only exceptions in the ActiveSync logs. Don't know how to match them up to a workstation?  Logs are set to only show exceptions. Do I need to start detailed logging?

[2018.12.09] 17:26:38 [882096861] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20181209.180636.7777] Server=[20181209.222113.7783]
[2018.12.10] 07:29:36 [270267156] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20181207.183949.7447] Server=[20181210.122930.8150]
[2018.12.12] 04:25:55 [1674309702] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20181211.232440.9629] Server=[20181212.092400.9684]
[2018.12.14] 13:32:27 [174748744] SYNC KEY MISMATCH: Device=[20181214.182227.11461] Server=[20181214.183218.1]

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