Archive Index and v16 to v17 Upgrade
Question asked by Scarab - 12/13/2018 at 5:23 PM
When the initial v17 (erm, v100, build 6921, or whatever it is being called these days) upgrade is performed and it bulk re-indexes everything, does it also re-index the Message Archive?

Just realized I'm sitting on a couple TB of messages in the Message Archive alone while creating a VM to test deploy the upgrade (I was wondering why robocopy was being so slow mirroring even with the /MT:16 flag) and it gave me time to consider that if it does then that could dramatically increase the time it takes to bulk re-index for us.

I guess I'll find out for sure when robocopy is done (in a couple of days at the rate it is going), but figured someone here might know for sure.

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