Delay Email Deliver Until A Specified Time
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 12/13/2018 at 7:16 AM
Outlook has a feature to allow users to compose emails but hold them for delivery.

The Idea behind using this features is to help productivity. We have all been in back in forth Email conversations that can eat up an entire day. More productive people tend to block off time to reply to emails then silence them.

By Delaying delivery till a specific time, Users can reply to emails and delay their delivery until they want others to know they are available.

If you block of you early AM hours to work on projects, you may want to reply to emails but not have them delivered till 9 AM so that others wont reply back to your emails or know that you are at your PC. 

I would like to see this feature added to WebMail for SmarterMail.

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