Counter of Virus Quarantine gets to 5000 and stops
Problem reported by Graham Southgate - 12/10/2018 at 3:46 PM
Within the Spool view when logged in as a domain admin, the counter seems to have a maximum of 5000, even though viruses are still coming in and I believe are still being captured, although cannot confirm that.  The report for virus activity does show viruses still being captured each day.

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
    Yes, I believe somewhere internally we have a maximum loaded into the quarantine area. This is a visual thing, the backend is still catching and processing viruses. We could probably remove that internal limit, not sure what purpose it is serving. I've added this to our bugs list for tracking.
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Graham Southgate Replied
it is nice to see it is still working and that number changes tells you such.

I assume that after x time, items will be automatically cleared - but seeing the number change, whether it is up or down makes you believe something is working.

viv burrows Replied
Following this through the choices of retention are 0 days and 15 days
If 6000 mails arrived between that time
If the email marked as :VIRUS is email number 5002 or greater it will then not be searchable
Reto Replied
And if only X amount of viruses are displayed, it should be the X newest entries. I have currently only 11/23 to 11/11 available to search. 

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