File Storage Overhaul or Allow sharing of folders and multiple files as a single link with email invitation.
Idea shared by Shivam Parikh - 12/5/2018 at 11:44 PM
Share Folders (and files inside of it)  Feature request.
Can we have an option to upload folders, folders & files, file/s.
Can we have the option to share the folder (and not just individual files) to users.
Can sharing between SmarterMail users become simpler (like Google Drive does it) and for outside people with links to the folder or files and send an invitation email.

Overall I would like to see the File Storage overhauled like most modern service providers offer today.

Please note this is an idea / suggestion. Please don't consider this as anything else, especially not a compassion of solutions.

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Here to, we've had numerous customers ask for the ability to share folders, not just flies.

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