How do I copy/download e-mails from SmarterMail Mail Box to hard drive. SmarterMail is now 49 MB out of 50 MB and I want to move things out of mailbox to free-up space.
Question asked by Tony Tylutki - 12/4/2018 at 3:42 AM
I am near capacity in my mailbox (49 MB out of 50 MB)  I am constantly deleting junk e-mail, such as all e-mails for sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, past dated notices (like "September Activities")  --  but a lot of the e-mails are from photography or recipe senders, so a lot of e-mails are items like "How to Shoot Sunsets" or "50 Jalapeno Recipes"  --  these items I would like to get out of my mailbox and just store in a folder on my hard drive that I can go into when I want to use the document.    How do I save/download these e-mails to hard drive?   Is there then a trick to being able to open up the files?    Is there ways of being selective as to what I want to move/save out of my SmarterMail mailbox?     Once I have safely moved the messages to hard drive, I can then have a not-full mailbox....
Tony T

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Reto Replied

You could use MailStore Home to archive emails. 

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Paul Blank Replied
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You could also use a client like Thunderbird, and set up a POP account (as opposed to IMAP), which will download all your email to a mailbox on your PC or Mac. 

You can then go into SM webmail, for example, and delete whatever emails you'd like from there, and it will stay in Thunderbird, as POP mailboxes do not sync with the mail server (but they typically don't download the same email twice).

If you do go this route, please TEST this by deleting a couple of emails that you don't need from the mail server after downloading your email to Thunderbird, then re-sync Thunderbird and make sure that those emails are still there - you can then delete them from Thunderbird if you want. You may have to adjust your Thunderbird settings for deletion. I haven't worked with POP in awhile, so please double-check!

Your mileage may vary, so it's up to you to make sure this proposed solution works.

TOAST.net Support Replied
Did you mean to say 50 GB, not MB?  50 MB is something from 2002.

If not, suggest asking your provider or IT dept. for 5000 MB.
marina kelly Replied
You can use Email Backup Software that easily take backup of your entire email along with all the attachments and provides users 30+ saving options.

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