Outlook Remove Duplicate Emails
Question asked by Abhi Sach - 11/27/2018 at 11:26 PM
After a long time, I have opened Outlook 2016. I saw surprised all mails including inbox, outbox have created another copy of the email. Every mail has two copy in Outlook. I have removed many duplicate emails manually. But it’s not possible to delete above 1000+ emails. Then, I have tried to search this problem over your forum and find below thread. But it’s not helpful for me.


I need your help to opt the best resource which will remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

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Claire Divas Replied
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After gone through to all solutions which are mentioned on thread. I’ll recommend more methods which can easily remove duplicate mails in Outlook.
1. Rule Configuration
2. Inbox Frequency Set
3. Turn Off Antivirus
4. Use Clean Up
5. Use Professional Outlook Toolkit – Stellar Toolkit for Outlook

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